Just What Have We Been Up To? 

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Southern Africa 2018 Trip

Photos are coming… We are struggling to find adequate internet service that is capable of uploading, posts, with pictures in them. So we have decided to still upload posts without the pix, and will go back and add photos when we can UPDATE: This trip has been moved to its own site. To see the…

Canberra: June Long Weekend 2015– Monday 8th June

Brendan’s head cold  was worse last night, so very little sleep for all of us, but we soldiered on. We  had a little bit of a sleep-in, this morning – when we got out of bed it was 7 degrees – much warmer than yesterday. David’s Birthday today – woo hoo –  happy birthday to…

Canberra: June Long Weekend 2015–Sunday 7th June

We woke up & put the TV on – fantastic …it was minus3 degrees out side..holy moley that is cold…When we opened the blinds it was to find fog every where…hmm, not a great start to the morning…is  this a bad omen Brendan didn’t have a great night – he is starting to get a…

Canberra: June Long Weekend 2015 – Saturday 6th June

Brendan was actually feeling a bit off, this morning, with a headache & sore throat, but we packed our bags and headed for the Australian capital city for the long weekend even though it was going to be cold – how brave we were …. We kept checking the temperature on the outside 13, 11,…

South Korea, Brendan & Dapto High School

Place holder for our Korean Trip As part of a school hosting program, Brendan and I will be travelling to South Korea this month, for 10 days. There are over 20 of us going, and my Mum will also be coming. It should be exciting!

Ali & Kylie’s Dog Show Debut

Both Ali and Kylie had their dog show debut, last week up at Erskine Park, and then back up there, again, this week. See more pictures here!  

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