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Cambodia & Vietnam Trip – Day 23

After a terrible night sleep – very hot and we all had to share a bed that seemed smaller than a double but larger than a single we went up on deck for a quick tour, then breakfast at 9.00am. Eggs, bread and jam, watermelon.

We then cruised out to nearly open waters to go into another area – bumpy – didn’t feel too good!

With similar scenery, all around. At 9.30 those who were on the 3 day tour swapped boats – said goodbye to them and hello to the people returning form the 3 day.

Among them a young French couple, David has decided he doesn’t like the French! They were very annoying.

We then had the chance to go for another swim. The water was quite dirty – I didn’t go in. David did and there was quite a pull from the current. Brendan carried on, so eventually he went in as well, but by then the tide was turning so it wasn’t too bad. Getting him back into the boat was difficult, though. The French guy just laughed, instead of helping.
David really doesn’t like the French!

Made our way back to the harbour where we got onto our bus and headed for the restaurant for lunch, which had a terrible smell. We climbed up stairs to a small room where they bought out a variety of dishes – didn’t really like any, though. David just had plain rice!

Then back to the bus for our 3hr trip, back. About 5pm changed and went out to tea – Mamma Rosa, it’s quite up market. I had pizza and David had a Steak.

Picked up our photos (about 5c each) and headed back to the hotel for a long sleep.

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