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Cambodia & Vietnam Trip – Day 20 & 21


Slept well at the hotel, apart from no air conditioning, just a fan and it was raining so we couldn’t open the French windows! Had breakfast – same same – toast/ omelette or noodles!

Our guide phoned and as it was raining said too dangerous to do trek so we waited until lunch – still raining but insisted we do something. Organised to go to the Red Zou people village, Tammar, by Russian jeep! Leaked everywhere! Water everywhere rushing down the gutters!

Met by some local villagers and trekked in the rain to the next village where we went inside a family’s house. It was dry, but very basic inside. Felt obligated to buy something from the family. Ended up with a piece of pink embroided cloth – paid 200,000VDN! Walked back in the rain with our entourage! About 20 ladies at me to buy their stuff – very loud and claustrophobic!
Ended up with a few bags and bits!

We went back to the hotel, where we showered, and cleaned up, before checkout at 3.30pm. The Guide picked us up at 5.00pm for the bus back to Lo Cai. Long bus ride until we were left at the restaurant for tea. After being abandoned by our guide, we made our own way, across to the train station. Our train didn’t leave till 8.45pm, so a long, boring wait.

The same Aussie lady, Alexis, shared our berth back. We had a Vietnamese family of about six people, visit our cramped berth, taking photos and giving Brendan fruit/chocolate and even a photo!

Train back, still noisy, uncomfortable but unusual. Got back into Hanoi about 4.30am and got a taxi (who ended up taking us all over the place) back to the hotel arrived about 5am. We had to wake the staff, as all the doors were locked. Luckily we had our room booked, and we went straight up and into bed.

We slept until, about 11am. Up and went to the “Kangaroo café” where we had brunch! No Weetbix for Brendan though, as they had run out! Cheeseburger for me – really nice, tasted like a rissole. David had a chicken schnitzel and Brendan chips and some of ours.

We met a Brisbane family, on our way out, so we chatted for a while before walking up to “Fanny’s” for a nice ice-cream. Brendan had his, banana boat, one again, David had one with 3 different sorbet and ice-cream; mine was orange sorbet and chocolate ice-cream with orange liqueur – very nice.

We then walked back to hotel, stopping off at a few shops. Back out for tea – café by the lake and walked back to hotel via street markets not as good as HCMC.

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